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STORY | A more sustainable textile and denim industry in Pakistan 

Mayoral Moda Infantil, Mr Francisco Dominguez de la Maza, Production Director


After 2014, when Pakistan acceded to the GSP+ a small boom took mayoralplace in the textile and denim industry. 
By now, textiles have become the largest product  section imported under the GSP+ arrangement, comprising more than 70% of  Pakistan’s GSP imports to the EU. 

Factories invested in washing laundries and the fashion industry  also brought along special washing effects. Thus, factories started to set up what  is called a ‘dry process’, installing ovens to fix wrinkles on denim pants. “We got  on  board of this industrial revolution in the country and have been developing our 
denim styles in Pakistan for several years
.” – says Mr Francisco Dominguez de la Maza, Production Director of the Spanish children’s fashion  company Mayoral Moda Infantil, a major actor in children’s clothing market in Spain over the last 80 years.

Twill pants from Karachi

 “Our company has been buyingquote from Pakistan since around 2001.” – adds Mr de la Maza. “We started buying
t-shirts and denim pants and later pullovers and socks. I am a textile engineer and I traveled many times to Pakistan. Most of the denim mills are in Karachi and Lahore. I really enjoyed visiting those mills. We also developed twill pants in Karachi which became a classic in our collection with a big success in sales

In recent years, sustainability aspect have become increasingly important. "Recently textile factories in Pakistan are becoming more conscious of sustainability issues as well. Lately they have been investing in laser machines and new, more water-efficient washing machines".

Mr de la Maza is looking forward to continuing his business ventures in Pakistan and hopes that Pakistan, along with EU businesses operating in the country, will continue to benefit from Pakistan’s participation in the GSP+ scheme. 


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